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i ran a delta 282 race cam in my completly stock d16a6. haha that was alright. power from 4500 to redline. needs flowwork to be a good streetable cam. my friend is runnin it in his d15 and it puts around pretty good. would definatly get a 272 instead of it tho. 272 seems like the best cam that u couls get for the power that it gives you.
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BLOX Racing camshafts are designed and manufactured using OEM-spec, chill-cast camshaft cores. BLOX Racing manufactures camshaft cores specifically tailored to the D16Z6 and D16Y8 engines. BLOX Racing SOHC VTEC Stage 3 camshafts are ideal for highly modified to full race engine builds.
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1 Camshaft LH 2 Cam washer 3 'O' ring 4* Bush - phosphor bronze stepped cam 5 Washer - bevel 6 Circlip 7 Grease nipple 8 Screw 9 Washer 10 Washer - spacer 11 Washer 12 Washer TM Parts List. Camshaft Assembly - from 1st April 2001. Suitable for use with 420 diameter drum brakes only. 17 16.
MITSUBISHI 6D14 6D15 6D16 6D17 camshaft. www.camshaft-jm.en.alibaba.com. Contact Now. Inquiry Cart.
D16Z6 was an analogue to D16Y1 for Europe and North America. The throttle body size was 56 mm. 28. D16Z7 was an analogue to D16Z6 for Civic EX Coupe. 29. D16Z9 was a D16Y1 version for Civic Coupe and USDM Civic EX. 30. D16A was an engine for Japan. It used a 16-valve SOHC head, its power was 120 HP @ 6,400 rpm, and the torque was 144 Nm ... Other 2.5l engines depend on a single aggressive cam profile for each cam. This means they would have a narrower power band where the cam is working at it's best; usually between 5000 and 8000rpm. Even though these engines might have similar peak power and torque figures as the Honda they would be weaker in the low rpm to 5000rpm range. 4 Piston Racing is your one stop shop for High Performance Cylinder Heads. We eat, sleep, and breathe Cylinder Heads, and day after day continue to push for new developments. The ZC Engine. In Honda's line-up of engines, perhaps the one which leads to the greatest amount of confusion would be the ZC engine. This engine comes in a wide variety of form.
Cam Kit, HAWKS LS1/LS2/LS6 Camshaft Package. What's Included: - Your choice of camshaft (HAWKS, TSP, or BTR) PLEASE NOTE Notated below with *. - 7.400" 5/16" Chrome-moly Pushrods (STANDARD BUT PUSHROD LENGTH DEPENDS ON ENGINE, HEADS & CAMSHAFT...Mar 03, 2004 · Originally posted by V8Hunter One downside to boring it out that much is that if his cylinder walls get misshaped due to whatever reason, he might not be able to bore it out to correct the problem because it might bust into one of the coolant passages that run by the cylinders to keep them cool.
JDM Engines. Welcome to our Used Honda JDM Engines page. Our Honda JDM Engines average 25k-45k miles, Each Swap or Engine also comes with a start up warranty. Are d16z6 camshaft the same as d16y8 camshaft, in other words, will a d16z6 aftermarket cam like skunk2 fit in a d16y8 head? Click to expand... the lift and duration are not even close to being the same. you may would have issues since the y8 head isn't used to it. the differecne is mainly in the duartion, and not as much in the lift
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